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       Sichuan Longdu Industry company has been set up from Dec,of 1995,Registered capital of 40 million yuan,and two lines with independentlegal qualification of the professional development of real estate development company.Corporation implements operates independently,assumes responsibility for own profits and losses,theindependent calculation  management and operation mechanism;the company organizations and agencies and all levels of contr ol system is perfect,follows a higher authority,the responsibility power consistency principle. Company consists of project management center,business center and financial management of the threemanagement management cente rcore departments,number of employees over 60 people year-round;Technical strength,management personnel ar e available,with technology,economics titles represnting the average number of employees in more than 90%,with high,intermediate technology titles in more than 50 people.
       Development company,located in Mianyang High-tech Industry Development Zone, a large upscale residential community,”Bruce International New City” project, Covers an area of 400 mu, total planned inves tment of more than 10 billuon yuan ,the total developed area of more than 60 million square meters . Through to this project’s devel opment, made and has led Mianyang west end and the peripheral region superiority and the economical fast developm ent.