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布鲁斯.国际新城 Ⅱ期 诺贝湾

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布鲁斯.国际新城 Ⅱ期 诺贝湾


       Blues International City is located in the athletes at the Mianyang new and high technology industries de velopment zones”in south central north;hongyangst reet the number one from mianxing east road about 500 meters,the western side of the mianyang anchangriver ;The mianyang town planning the implementation of the projecr site will be the mianyang the administrative and finan cial business district office,and become a new 1 ar ge cen trein the Miangyang.
“Blues International City”project comprises four hundred mu,a total area 52,0000m2,6F metres,andmanyresidential,18-32F a condominium and the use of modern construction of a typical axis and a half share In the form,a unique architectural style.Community has a large business entertaining club, in the kinderg arten and international bilingual school and planning of the suppo rtingfacilities.